Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Frank and Mack (and Mary, when she's around) are completely fascinated with my printer. They simply cannot wrap their heads around what's occurring...funky clicks and noises and then a piece of paper spitting out. Of course, if you asked me to explain the process, I couldn't do much better than the kitters...

Being that Mack is thus far the only kitty who has taken to sitting on my lap (and my arm, shoulder, head, back, etc...but the other two are making progress in that department; I'm guessing Frank will join the lap fun soon, with Mary hopefully not far behind), he's also quite fascinated with my blingage. Dude, it's hangy-down and jingly. Duh.

Myself, I'm just fascinated with this image. Bats are just the coolest critters on Earth. So there.


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