Tuesday, March 04, 2008

faces of war

God bless America...

In case the offensiveness of this photo doesn't jump out at you too quickly, this would be a severed human head these brave American soldiers are posing with. While I get the impression that he's perhaps not the most useful tool in the shed, soldier Osborne (grinning idiot on the right) seems particularly pleased with his situation. (Nevermind the fact that the severed head was originally attached to the body of a person considered an ally...at the moment, anyway...oops.) I hope his parents are proud. Osborne's parents, I mean. One would assume the deceased had no parents, friends or family of his own, right? He's not human or anything, he's a fucking head! Let's play soccer with it! It'll be funny, right...?

So how do you suppose Americans would be reacting were the nationalities in this photo reversed? That would be the kind of PR the neocons would absolutely salivate over...



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