Sunday, January 20, 2008

to paraphrase one of my favorite philosophers...

..."I like stuff that's cool. I don't like stuff that sucks." (Or something to that effect.)

Thank you, Butt-Head. Your genius kicked ass.

So other than continuing to fight through this cold or infection or whatever it is I've had since Christmas Eve, I pretty much have a big bag of nothing today. Except, perhaps, just a few bits of mostly useless information to pass along to anyone who may care.

Firstly, if you find yourself needing a watch or some jewelry repaired (or needing to buy a watch or some jewelry), you must go see these folks. I've visited them a few times, really just because they're located close to where I work. But they are so ridiculously nice and helpful...they just rock. I had to take my little chain bracelet to them last week to see if they could replace a pin that had fallen out. The owner pretty much dropped what he was doing, fixed it right then and there, and then charged me a dollar for the job. "Um, are you sure about that?" "Sure, I'm sure. You might need to come back for something else sometime down the road." And he's right, of course, seeing as how I'd been there a few times before.

I just love dealing with decent, nice people. Especially as a break from my employers who, for the most part, are anything but decent, nice people. These particular decent, nice people don't have a website - they're pretty old school and a small operation. But here's their info, should you find yourself in need of such services. A free plug to the millions of faithful acs readers is the least I can do to show my gratitude...

Classic Custom Jewelry
1780 Northwest Highway

Garland, Texas 75041


So there's that.

Secondly, my sister sent me some cute pics of a couple animals she found herself working with today at the zoo. Sez she...

"The bird is a eurasian eagle owl. The other is a prehensile tailed porcupine. Both very sweet."

For your edification, here are the aforementioned sweet critters...

In addition to enjoying my interactions with decent, nice people, I also thoroughly enjoy my interactions with most non-human critters...decent, nice or otherwise. And I've always had a thing for porcupines. I'm sure I probably just relate to them because of the obvious I gather many folks see me as wearing a prickly, defensive shell whether predation is a possibility or not, when in fact I'm a pretty damn decent, nice and non-threatening dude on the inside. Plus, porcupines are just fucking cute.

You know, I've yet to see an animal - any animal - that I don't find cute and/or inviting in one way or another. I should probably try and analyze that and how it compares with my attitudes toward human critters in general. But I'm a bit too loopy from the TheraFlu to do so now. Maybe later.

Happy Sunday, fellow earthlings...

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