Saturday, February 10, 2007

good debates - part one

A couple weeks ago, I made the mistake of focusing on actually working while I was at work and missed an absolutely killer debate on...well, lots of things, but mainly Christianity on the Observer's Unfair Park blog site. I rushed to put together my two cents in response/contribution, but ultimately decided I'd just missed the boat. No sense in beating a dead horse just to purge more anti-religion rhetoric from my own personal storage. But I will say that it was a fascinating read, that my friend Bill did his faith proud and that, along with Jeff Liles and a couple other folks, really made great, articulate points that needed to be made by all folks involved. Especially in response to what was a pretty stupid post that started the whole thing by "bible girl." As much as I wish I could have fired off my shots, it was still a terrific dialogue. Which may still be going on...I haven't checked. And I don't even like debates, honestly. Not a fan of confrontation, for the most part. But I highly recommend you click the above link and check it out when you have a chance.

I also wanted to post a link to another great religion debate. It's an ongoing, online exchange between atheist-extraordinaire (though occasionally intolerant) Sam Harris and Conservative Soul author Andrew Sullivan. I've enjoyed reading it thus far because it's a thoughtful, constructive and revealing look at the differences - and the similarities - between these two great minds. It's polite, funny, personal, moving, and a fairly fearless, mostly open-minded exchange. As with most debates, no one will ever win or lose. But it's cool to be able to follow along as it unfolds. You can read it here, if you're so inclined...



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