Wednesday, February 07, 2007

they get by with a little help from their friends

Only in Texas...?

Who's Funding Global Warming

While we do seem to contribute more than our fair share of Appallingly Greedy Bastards With No Conscience Whatsoever - and TXU was more than eager to step to the front of the line after Enron imploded / got busted - greed must always have partners in crime in order to function. It's not surprising to see who those accomplices are. (Though, I will admit being a little surprised to also see who some of the accomplices were not.)

If TXU and our sleazebag governor get their way on this thing, I think I just might lose all faith in the notion that Texas has any functioning democratic principles left. Outside of lining the pockets of already rich people, this project serves no useful purpose on any level. Why must it be so flipping embarrassing to live in this state sometimes...?

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