Friday, January 26, 2007

from the “boo-hoo” file...

E. Howard Hunt died a couple days ago. (Unfortunately, Chuck Colson and G. Gordon Liddy are still around.)

Hunt once said, “I had always assumed…that anything the White House wanted done was the law of the land.” Not quite, though he’d fit in perfectly with the current administration. (And why does everyone else in the country seem to also be making the same assumption these days…?)

Hunt was apparently annoyed by the fact that he was often referred to as a Watergate “burglar” rather than “conspirator.”

I, however, am a somewhat vindictive little shit who takes some joy from the fact that he had to suffer this minor annoyance. My only concern is whether the word “scumbag” is spelled correctly in his obituary…

Say “hi” to Tricky Dick for us, E. Howard…!



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