Saturday, January 13, 2007

bully for us

Well, here's a big clue to our foreign policy decisions. As stupid as it sounds, I honestly never thought testosterone had anything to do with anything...

"Iran needs to learn to respect us...and Iran certainly needs to respect American power in the Middle East."

Translation: ours is bigger than yours. So just when you think it's impossible to be more embarrassed than you already are by our government, some new numbnuts steps out and says something quite possibly more stupid than anything the president has ever said. And that's quite a feat.

At any rate, here's what one expert is forecasting...

"The potential for sparking a wider conflict is great...if we're going for a confrontation with Iran, the pretext will be Iraq."

You can read more here...

Pentagon Intensifies Pressure on Iran

Oh, and also...Apparently, the first estimates of dead civilians in the Somalia attack appear to have been substantially off. We spend how many billions of dollars on "defense" and we can't even tell who we're supposed to be shooting at...?

Actually, that's unfair of me to say. It's not that we can't tell...we just don't care.

Air attacks against fugitive Islamists in south Somalia in recent days have mistakenly targeted nomadic herdsmen gathering round fires, killing 70, British-based aid agency Oxfam said on Friday.

"Under international law, there is a duty to distinguish between military and civilian targets," Oxfam added, citing its local partner organisations in Somalia for the information.

Washington sent a warplane into Somalia on Monday to try and take out what U.S. officials say are top al Qaeda suspects hiding with the Islamists.

More gory details here...

Somalia air raids hit nomads, 70 dead – Oxfam

Public relations ain't cheap. But the president thinks the "sacrifice is worth it." Not sure how much sacrifice or, evidently, skill and intelligence it takes to shoot fish in a barrel. Just imagine how much uglier this is going to get if this is how this whole thing is starting...



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