Sunday, January 14, 2007

public service announcement...

...for people who live with cats.

Perhaps I don't grasp the concept of how this stuff is supposed to work, but based on my experience with it over the past couple weeks I can honestly say this is the worst, most useless shit I've ever bought.

Okay, if you don't scoop, the cat's not going to want to use it because he or she will have to do so while dancing around the crap that's just kinda sitting there waiting to be scooped out. And since the stuff is basically mulch - wood chips and sawdust and shit - when you do scoop it, you have to practically wear a breathing mask because it fills the air with very fine wood dust that gets into and all over everything. The box says it's flushable...and indeed, it is. (Though, I can't figure out why it would need to be flushable if you don't need to scoop...) However, my bathroom now looks like I've been sanding down a bookcase in it for the past month.

If you have a cat, do yourself a favor and avoid this stuff at all costs. Just a total fucking waste of time (among other things)...



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