Friday, May 04, 2007

behind the wall of sleep

Happiness, in my dad's case, is a warm remote control...

(Get your own blog, father, and you can post embarrassing pictures of me.)

One of the nice things that has come from all the recent redecorating/reorganizing that I've been doing is that my longtime (platonic) companion, Tim, has finally discovered a piece of furniture that he finds comfortable/comforting enough to actually sleep on. I've tried for years to get him beds and dice. Without fail, he always ignores my efforts and will sleep anywhere except what I've brought in for him in the hopes of making him comfy. He's a bit of a geezer, though, so I'm never offended. But I've thoroughly enjoyed watching him lounge and doze in the rocking chair that got moved to a new location in my living room...

Does my heart good to see him so content. It is, dare I say...

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