Saturday, April 21, 2007


Among the things I discovered while cleaning out my bedroom closet was something a bit startling (and funny). I took out all my old vinyl LPs and was looking through them for nostalgia's sake. And I noticed the following photograph inside the gatefold for Pink Floyd's Meddle...

Now, is it just me or is Nick Mason pretty much just one lazy eye - and one swastika carved into his forehead - away from being Charles Manson's identical twin...?

Oh, and here's another great (depending on your perspective) pic...this one from Rush's 2112...

Yes, the "we're sophisticated swingers...let's do some coke" outfits are entertaining in and of themselves. But may I direct your attention to that most unusual and impressive site - Alex Lifeson's (the blond dude) wicked camel toe.

While it's not quite as rare as spotting Bigfoot or something, the male camel toe is at least as fascinating and certainly more disturbing. Bravo, Alex. The fact that my eyes zeroed in on Lifeson's crotch is probably a subject best left for my therapist to consider, okay? In the meantime, let's all just enjoy the moment, shall we...?

PS - For additional camel toe fun/resources, make sure to check out The Camel Toe Report. Especially the "toe haiku" section. It's some of the funniest shit you'll ever read...

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