Saturday, April 28, 2007

I know famous people

The Amazing Fred gets some pretty decent pub…

The Coolest Kid In Town

Attaboy...! Fred and Bill (and Jill) kick ass. It was totally cool to see this post by the wee demon (who looked quite smashing Friday night with her new 'do, I must say).

Figures...he really is a damn good photographer as well. Little bastard. I bought one of his pieces at the show Friday and am looking very forward to finding a good place for it at home. (I bought the one called "stairs" not only because it's a cool image, but because one of the few reocurring dreams I have features stairways - or escalators or other steep inclines - quite prominently. So there's some nifty added symbolism that seems nicely appropriate on a few different levels.)

Also, most of us who know Fred know how photogenic he is and how comfortable he tends to feel on the other side of a camera. Oddly, not only did he inspire the first kinda cool picture I've ever taken with my camera phone (second image at left), he also appears to be a bit uneasy standing in front of the photos he had on display at Space. I'll have to ask him what he was thinking some time...

And on Thursday, my partner-in-blog got some attention herself. Unfortunately, my plans to attend the inaugural Boca Tinta Barbecue And Music Shindig Thingy have gone into the crapper (along with my plans to see Pleasant Grove - already paid for, dammit - tonight) thanks to some really stupid car issues that, long story short, require me to spend the rest of the weekend at my folks' house and miss a chunk of work on Monday. What makes it extra sucky is that whenever Amanda has a show at Dada that Valerie can't attend - such as tomorrow's - she has taken it upon herself, Miss America runner-up style, to fulfill Val's duties as Door Rackage / Greeter / Perv Magnet (see third image for proof). And I'm sure tomorrow would have been a lovely sight in that regard. Double fuck.

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Blogger bill h said...

that's a cool picture of Fred. It's the only one I saw of his shots on the wall too, which is cool. you're a good friend adanny...turtle rescuer

11:59 AM  

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