Sunday, March 25, 2007

getting away with it (again)...

From the great Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque...

It's clear that no nation on earth will be allowed to organize its own society as it wishes, or work out its own internal conflicts, if the American elite decides they have some financial or strategic interest in the matter.

And Gore Vidal says in two sentences what I’ve been trying to say in dozens of long-winded, soapbox-y posts…

“Although We the People of the United States are the sole source of legitimate authority in this land, we are no longer represented in Congress Assembled. Our Congress has been hijacked by corporate America and its enforcer, the imperial military machine..."

Read the rest about our next (current, actually) targets for regime change...the strategically important (and, not coincidentally, quite oil-rich) Somalia. The ruthlessness, secrecy, dishonesty and unconscionable greed of this administration are quite possibly without precedent in modern times.

Getting Away With It: Rendition and Regime Change in Somalia

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