Saturday, March 17, 2007


...I believe that's an accurate word to describe some of my opinions.

Roosevelt had great charm (Acheson made the word an epithet), but I have never thought highly of charm in a man; for that matter, I have never thought particularly well of charm in a woman... I have almost invariably found that charm is used as a substitute for intelligence in persons of both sexes. Thus, I have always been and will remain wary of it.
- Dean Acheson, assistant secretary of state for President Roosevelt, and secretary of state for President Truman

I'd agree with that, which is probably why I've never understood or had much appreciation for flirtation. And, actually, I'd substitute the word "sincerity" for "intelligence" and feel a little better. There are few things I find more distasteful than insincerity.

So I guess that makes me a bit curmudgeonly. Oh, well. I am what I am.

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