Wednesday, March 07, 2007

fuckety fuck fuck...

…as my friend, Ginger would say.

I hatehateHATE Daylight Saving Time. And this year we get an extra month of the shit…starting three weeks early, for Chrissakes. I think I just last week managed to get all my clocks changed over to Standard Time, and now I have to go through it all over again this coming weekend.

An extra hour of daylight in Texas is no fun. Whatsoever.

Daylight Saving Time Is Arriving Early (and Staying Longer)

And then there’s this…

Rocker denies receiving HGH prescription

Great. He goes to the World Series and spends the bulk of his career with the Braves, but now he’s remembered for his brief stint with the Rangers. John Hart continues to be a total douchebag and he doesn’t even work here anymore…

Fuckers. Just a general “fuckers” directed toward my enemies for the day.

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Blogger Cindy Chaffin said...

Danny I spent a solid hour in silence today after my boy-child inquired as to the reasoning of the whys of "daylight savings...and why this year, "they" are making it more miserable for the spring forward..."

I was stuck in stand-still traffic trying to get us safely back from San Antone to Dallas, otherwise I coulda done that whole "hush honey, mommy is trying to drive..."

My response after an hour or so of..."um...lemme think about it..." was..."hush honey, mommy is trying to drive..."

I hate Spring forward...fuckety, fuck fuck fuck, indeed....

8:54 PM  

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