Saturday, April 21, 2007


Since it was recently revealed how much Amazon sucks (and Overstock, Barnes & Noble, and Borders aren't much of an improvement), the timing of my finding out about these folks couldn't be better. Check out their blurbage (below) and start buying shit from them...!

Make a Difference When You Shop... is a revolutionary online store created for the community-minded shopper. Every transaction in our store generates a charitable contribution to your favorite non-profit organization. And with our direct supplier relationships, this contribution is significant and truly makes a difference. Thank you for sharing our vision and for shopping with Giveline!

Our mission is to fuse social responsibility with consumer spending in an easy-to-use online shopping environment; to provide socially-conscious consumers a unique means by which they can support their favorite charities; to provide the charitable community a diverse source of funding for free; and to provide companies with an incentive and reward solution that allows them to better serve the communities within which they work.

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