Wednesday, January 03, 2007


"The sacrifice has been worth it," the president said a couple weeks ago. Nevermind that neither he nor any of his advisors have sacrificed this war ("occupation" is the more appropriate term) or any other. Perhaps these articles might shed some light on the concept of sacrifice for him, though I doubt anyone in his camp reads the papers...

With Iraq War Come Layers of Loss

Cold Ground for a Summer of Love

There are three thousand other stories...most likely different in the details, but all the same with regard to the outcome. One of the things money apparently can buy is "sacrifice"...and plenty of it. Funny thing about sacrifice,'s only affordable to those who aren't actually paying for it.

Since ignorance really is bliss, I have no doubt the Bush team sleeps well each night. Sweet dreams, all...



Blogger bill h said...

as jim hightower once said, 'if ignorance is bliss, that man must be estatic.."


10:37 AM  

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