Saturday, December 09, 2006

it never ends...

Okay, something obviously very criminal and very seedy is going on here...

EPA Scrubbing Library Web Site to Make Reports Unavailable

I know every oversight organization created by our government (EPA, NLRB, FDA, etc.) is "independent" by definition, at least technically. But I can't recall another administration that has so thoroughly and insidiously transformed what seems like every single one of them into departments with almost cabinet-level powers...each with the sole aim of rubber-stamping said administration's agenda: the agenda of greed that we've seen at the root of every federal endeavor since 2001. (It fascinates me how conservatives constantly rail about "activist judges" without even the slightest self-awareness.)

My guess...the EPA is quickly trying to destroy all evidence that will link them to the corporate powers who really direct their activities. And just in time for the new Republican-minority congress to convene.

I remember what's-his-name Berger getting busted for doing the same thing after Clinton left office. It just galls me that we're so powerless to stop this sort of thing from happening...

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