Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh, how I love bats...

"You got a perfect score! To learn even more about bats, visit some bat-related links on the Internet."

What can I say...I know my bat facts.

Take the bat quiz. Many nifty questions accompanied by fun illustrations (such as this one) will ensue.

PS - There are far too many people who get ooked out by these very lovable critters with no good reason. Aside from the fact that they're just cuter than hell - although I know that sort of thing is subjective - they also perform all kinds of magnificent and necessary functions in our planet's grand ecology. If I've forgiven Ozzy for chomping the head off one once, you all can learn to appreciate yet another unsung hero in our midst...the bat. (All varieties.) So do it already, dammit...!

PPS - There's a great link under my, uh, links section that will take you to the wonderful Bat Conservation Society based in Austin. The central hill country area of Texas is one of the greatest bat habitats on Earth and I - shamefully - have yet to go spend any quality time with them. It's in the plans for this coming year, though, I promise...



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