Tuesday, May 06, 2008

yay, music

Unexpectedly big music week for me this week. (Might as well take as much in while I'm here in The Big City while I can. Though, I do have a Meat Puppets show in Flagstaff in July to look forward to.) The agenda...

Tonight - The Breeders at the godforsaken, completely fucking awful venue known as the House of Blues. As you might guess, I hate that place. As someone more creative than me described the place, it's like going through airport security to go see an arena show at a Chili's. Dead on. I hate that place. In case I didn't mention that earlier.

Friday - The Sword, Torche at Lola's in Fort Worth. Haven't been to Lola's, but have heard great things about the place.

Saturday - Blood on the Wall, Record Hop at Lola's.

Should be a good week. Yay, me.

PS - I also intensely hate Ticketmaster. Who else could take a $19.50 ticket and bill you $34-something by the time it's all said and done? Fuckers. But I think I've mentioned that particular hatred before...

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